3 Times When Child Support May Change and What to Know

When you first went through your divorce proceedings, you likely had the child support handled at the same time. This support order goes into effect with the divorce and can last until the minor child is a certain age, depending on the court determination. With that in mine, the age of the child is not the only thing that can alter a child support order. There are a few more times when that order may change.

Do You Have Enough Legal Standing to Contest a Will?

Only specific people can file a lawsuit to contest the validity of the deceased's will. These persons are said to enjoy legal standing. To contest a will, you must prove that you were included or should've been included in the will, or prove that you would've inherited a portion of the deceased's estate if they had passed on without a will. Read on to learn more about who exactly has legal standing to challenge the will of their loved one.

How a Good Family Lawyer Helps You

A family lawyer will explain the applicable family law to you, advise about available legal options and act on your behalf.  Your lawyer, however, must never decide for you.  For instance, whether your case will be settled out of court, or will go to a full hearing is ultimately your decision. A family lawyer should take instructions from you, but usually, they will not follow them if they think you are unreasonable.